Kuko. Corner carve on the pool coping. Photo: Jaime Marcos

La Kantera book release

Thursday 17th, December 2015, La Kantera book was finally released! Two and a half years of work and boom! One day the dream ends and reality takes over. 350 pages (plus) of raw, local, Basque skateboarding, all of it printed in a deluxe edition.

Pontus Alv skates barriers like he invented them. We used to be good friends, but since he has his own skateboard company (Polar skateboards) he turns down my artworks and barely returns my emails. Thing is, I am all about unconditional love these days, therefore, impervious to rejection.

CONS SPACE 001 BCN – Barcelona, Spain

On my way to Barcelona to infiltrate as a double agent: working for a big multinational as an artist and at the same time working as photojournalist for this almighty underground skateboard magazine. Self-portrait taken inside the train bathroom. Fuck airports and their tight-ass regulations. In the train I can bring a pair of big scissors, a knife, a skateboard and lots and lots of liquids.