Ferdzraiser: Skateboard artist Ferdz Valencia needs your help!

Ferdz Valencia is a self-taught artist who was involved in the underground comix scene in the 90s and came up with his own skateboard line Incubator and currently does graphics for Muckefuck skateboards and Urethane, Black Label skateboards, Calle and Symbolic Skateboards, Confusion magazine and his own brand Grudgebait designs.

Ferdz, a father of two, had a massive stroke on December 9th, 2016 and is just waking up from it now, but can’t move or talk yet and needs another surgery but the hospital has suspended the surgery because of unsettled medical bills.

He needs your help in his Ferdzraiser: a Wake up Aid for Ferdz Valencia’s coma treatment set up by his family. DONATE HERE.

More info below, but check out this video and artwork to understand who Ferdz Valencia is as well as his impact and contributions to skateboarding.

Confusion "Fetus" graphic by Ferdz Valencia

Confusion “Fetus” graphic by Ferdz Valencia

Ferdz in the Fetus tee for Confusion Magazine.

Ferdz in the Fetus tee for Confusion Magazine.

Ferdz Valencia's "Blood and Guts" series for Black Label skateboards

Ferdz Valencia’s “Blood and Guts” series for Black Label skateboards

Ferdz Valencia "nymph series" for Symbolic Skateboards

Ferdz Valencia “nymph series” for Symbolic Skateboards

“Last Dec 19, Ferdz Valencia was supposed to undergo another surgical operation but the hospital had to cancel due to unsettled medical bills. He suffered a stroke last Dec 9.

The Ferdzraiser is now underway, and it is important to donate now now so he can get the surgery as soon as possible.

In the meantime, his family are appealing to friends and colleagues for cash donations for the surgery to push through, and also to help his family deal with the growing hospital and medical expenses. As of date, his hospital bill has already reached almost 500,000 Philippine Pesos (or $10,000). Please deposit your donations to his wife’s account here:
bank: BPI
accnt name: Laura Valencia
accnt #: 3149085601

For thos living in the Philipines, you may also pay Ferdz a visit at the Delos Santos Medical Center, ICU and hand your donations directly to Lai.

Send your messages to Lai on this number: +639950669537, or pm Ferdz Valencia’s account here on facebook.

Thanks to those who have already extended their help and please do continue on sending good thoughts and positive vibes that he will overcome this and recover.