Skate Punk – La Friche, Marseille

A big event called “Skate Punk” in Marseille with cash money at La Friche Belle de Mai skate park Marseille, organized by Board and Spirit Marseille with Vans.

Photos by Alexandre Montesinos (@alexandremontesinos)

Sam Partaix. Rock n Roll

Julien Benoliel. Frontside Grind

David Martelleur. Backside grind on the makeshift table extension

Louise-aina Taboulet. Frontside smith grind

Nathan Matheron. Frontside air

Jerome Dutang. Frontside feeble

Noè Montagard. Frontside wallride yank in

Emilie Alexandre. Frontside air


Djani Lombar. 180 flyout

Amine. Kickflip

Alvin Jean. Frontside air

Fares Maatar. Backside Noseslide

Frontside Boneless

Nathan Matheron. Lien air

Layback frontside feeble

Alvin Jean. Shuv it flyout

Blunt to Fakie

Milo and Adam

Pierre Hoarau