Ye Olde Destruction

“Ye Olde Destruction” Full Movie – By Thomas Campbell Full interview with Thomas Campbell below the film description. Ye Olde Destruction: For … Keep reading

Brahm has been ripping Derby for decades. Noseblunt slide over the hip, before most.

Weekend at Derby – Santa Cruz, California

Derby Park is one of the oldest surviving public skateparks in North America. Built in the late 70s by Ken Wormhoudt, the park was controversially rebuilt mid 2012 because city officials felt the “timeworn curves and slopes of Derby had become too dangerous to allow.”

BERGFEST – MONSTER BOWL – July 16th, Münster, Germany

THIS SATURDAY, July 16th in Münster, Germany: BERGFEST – Battle of the Monster Bowl with tons of ripping skaters from all over europe & usa: John Magnusson, Anders Tellen, Jason Parkes, Ben Schroeder, Tim Bijsterveld, Emmanuel Guzman, Max Shrädder, Matt Grabowski,. Not to be missed… get in the car and drive.. (unless you live in USA and Australia or Japan, etc., then you’ll just have to watch the footage coming soon… not next year). And this just in, Pär Mag and Balder Lehmann and some other scandavian dudes will be on deck drinking beers or in the bowl fucking shit up! I guess this post is pointless, because if you don’t know, you’re not going, and if you do, you’re already gonna be there. So click the links and see what you’re missing out on, and wait for the gnar footage coming soon………..