Behind the Lens: Ricardo Muñoz Carter

Confusion Magazine online is starting a new photographer spotlight series called Behind the Lens which spotlights the characters that document skateboarding to fill the pages of skateboarding magazines and websites around the world. Without skate photographers, we would only have our faded memories of a session, from our own personal perspective, and would never see different diy spots, skateparks, ramps, ditches, backyard pools and street scenes around the world. The skateboarder is the hero, but it is the person behind the lens that brings this duo together to successfully capture an instant in time and place. Whether exposing with light onto film or onto megapixel memory sticks, each photographer has their own style, equipment and group of skaters they shoot with. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the photography of Ricardo Muñoz Carter, and if you have time you can find out which photographers inspire him, what equipment he uses, and how he started to shoot skate photos in the first place.