Sherwood skatepark opening – Oregon

Sherwood Oregon, located 16 miles west of Portland has acquired a new skatepark built by Dreamland Skateparks, opening day for the new Sherwood skatepark was held on Saturday, September 14th, after the ribbon cutting, the Demo took place as stoke levels elevated and shredding went on, but this got cut short, as one of the local shredders broke his ankle and all came to a halt, as paramedics were on route this gave way to the swarm of scooter groms infesting the park, major dodging skills came at hand, after paramedics took the fallen soldier which we wish a speedy recovery, the shredding continued as new lines in the street and banks were being made. Old and new congregated at the bowl and showed what could be done with a wooden plank with wheels – the skate gods favored the weather, and after all, a good day for skateboarding!

Photos by Olga Aguilar
Words by Dirk Slasher

Quintin LaVille – Frontside Air

Nick Peterson – Lien to Tail

Brad McClain -pivot to fakie

Steven Reeves – Andrecht

Nick Peterson – Texas Plant

Unknown – Frontside Air

Scott Clum – Frontside Early Grab

Quintin LaVille – Backside air

Nick Peterson – Frontside Feeble

Danny Tumia – Invert

Jacob Fisher – Frontside Ollie

Mad Scott – Frontside Ollie

Jamie Jacobson – Frontside Smith

Paramedics taking away the injured

Jamie Jacobson – Invert

Jacob Fisher – Madonna

Curtis Grant – Backside Smith

Nick Peterson – Invert

Grant Clum – Frontside air

Donald Mueller – Frontside Smith

Curtis Grant – Frontside crail grind

Brad McClain – Backside Lipslide over the Hole

Jacob Fisher – standup frontside grind

Jacob Fisher – Invert

Photos by Olga Aguilar