Brice´s Bowl – Sultan, Washington

4th of July in the United States is a time to gather with family and friends, 2020 was a year where gatherings of all sorts weren’t happening. As restrictions are starting to ease during these pandemic times, the fourth of July rolled around this 2021 and what better place to have a BBQ bowl jam than at the Niebuhr bowl compound nestled in the wooded hills of Sultan, Washington.

This kidney shaped bowl was created with the help of Outer Space Concrete and Construction as well with lending hands from family and friends. A heated session was in place after some BBQ & Brews and the stoke of being able to gather around the bowl and skate to get some lines in, the stoke factor went to a max! The sound of trucks grinding and fireworks going off could be heard around the neighborhood. We could not have asked for a better way to end the day!

Build, destroy, repeat!

– Dirk Slasher

Photos: Olga Aguilar

Andy Geensen. Frontside layback grind

Benjamin Niebuhr. Backside feeble over the stairs

Brice Niebuhr. Kickstand carve over the stairs


Dave Palmer. Frontside grind

Brice Niebuhr. Lien grind

Brice Niebuhr. Frontside invert

Brick Straight. Backside Tailblock

Andy Geense. Rock n Roll boardslide

Mason Olsen. Frontside carve grind

Nina. Frontside grind

Patrick. Frontside grind over the stairs

Rays Hell. Frontside boardslide

Isaac. Frontside grind

Andy Geense. Invert

Brice Niebuhr. Frontside boardslide

Isaac. Frontside carve grind

Brice Niebuhr. Frontside air