Delside DIY – England

“Delside is a DIY skate ramp in Essex, England.

Delside is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the previous diy spot built by Paul Carroll after it was bulldozed in August 2012. Built one panel at a time over the course of the last four years, this is a one-man crusade of obsession to bring a smooth skatepark-like finish and a heightened sense of what is achievable to the skate DIY world at large! To self inspire and to inspire others to inspire themselves!

Built most entirely by Paul (with concrete mixing assistance from friends), and funded roughly 50% by Paul and 50% by friends and the local skate community, Delside has continued to grow and evolve, slowly but surely into a community asset, and a shitload of fun!”

Words slightly modified from Delside DIY founder Paul Carroll.