Confusion Magazine – issue #23 – online

Confusion issue #23 – free online – includes an interview with Gnarcel,DIY Spot check-outs at: Sheepside (Hawaii), Le Combe des Moulins (France), Bay Area (Japan), Noodle DIY (California), Zgosa Spot (Slovenia)Le Labo (France) and way more!

Ian Dykmans, one of the founders of Brusk, and recent papa, still finding time to destroy the Punisher!

Fiesta Des Ursulines – 2014 – Bruxelles, Belgium

Fiesta Des Ursulines is a renegade community event that takes place at Square Des Ursulines in the middle of the city of Bruxelles each year. Conceived by the Brusk collectif who also organized and built the skatepark, the Fiesta des Ursulines is not only a skateboarding event, but also focuses on culture, food, beer, silkscreening, photo exhibitions and social events such as dressing up in animal costumes or face paintings and going across the street to entertain the old people living in the retirement home.