Burnside Halloween Party 2019

Burnside’s 29th year aniversary rolls around at the same time as halloween. Every year ghouls and ghosts, freaks and geeks congregate for an evening of skateboarding, music and raging. Locals and outsiders all came  together as family to pay homage to the DIY Mecca.

Twelve bands performed getting the stoke levels to the max , towards the end, MDC (Millions of Dead Cops), Schroeder Bomb and Human Terror made sure the levels got exceeded.

Skateboarding DIY mentality and the skate army have proven that obstacles can be overcome 29 years later Burnside skatepark proves that.
thank you Skate army, Jay Meer (MC), and all that helped out for a night of family, friends and skateboarding.

Words by Dirk Slasher

Burnside – Halloween 2019

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Photos by Olga Aguilar

Artsy judo to fakie by Bob Ross

David Gravette – Blunt to Fakie

Halloween crowd

Jamie Jacobson - Invert

Jamie Jacobson – Invert

Robby Mattern. Pyst frontside slash grind

Maddie Collins. Frontside air

Frontside Stand Up Grind

Frontside Stand Up Grind

Esau Cruz. Backside Kickflip

Grinding the big bowl with dolly in tow

Laybck air

Frontside Air

Frontside air

Launch ramp air walk

Jeremy Tuffli – pivot to fakie

Parking lot concert


Nina Aguilar launching off the ramp

Backside 180 melon

Parking lot concert

Frontside ollie

Skater dog

Frontside grind around the elbow

2nd band

A mix of clips of some of the art created for Burnside Skateparks 29th
Birthday Halloween event and a few of the artists themselves featuring
Maggie May, Aran 111, Jay Meer, Scizo, and Josh, Falk.