Drained – a ditch tour video

DRAINED is a ditch tour video with Da Shit International Skateboard.

The crew was taking the road during the summer 2018 with the filmmaker Keryan Sorton to realized a film about the ditch tour exploration.

Sleep on the floor, drink beers, hot summer, lots of fun and fifteen ditches close to the highway was the plan for our ten days road trip in the south of France!

Told by the good Charles Bukowski voice, Drained is a film that takes an external vision of this crew, of all these virgin secret spots and of course of the skate vision, @krynds wants to transport you into his monochrome and colorful universe though his personal vision of skateboarding and the Da Shit Crew.

Thanks to all our sponsors:
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La fièvre Skatepark Lausanne
Brasserie du virage
Vertical skate

Music: UJO Sound

Graphics: Camille Thiebault

Directed by: KRYNDS (Keryan Sorton)
Editing, sound, colorgrading: KRYNDS

Benjajah dropping in

Tibet is testing the roughness of the ground in a ditch.

Gitan freezing in the air with a huge double flip

Benjajah testing gravity

When you want to find some secret spot, you have sometimes to walk, jump, explore, you must lose yourself to find yourself, cross fields and explore during lot of nights google maps.

Gitan in the morning light in the Boulala spot

The crew after the skate session, enjoying the fresh air of the end of the day

Polo is taking a breath in a industrial ditch somewhere between a railway

Nollie for Gitan in the last spot and the biggest on the ditch tour

Montpellier spot