Photos by Chris Dangaard (@chrisclicksdigital)
Article originally published in Confusion Magazine – issue #25

Andy Anderson. Rock’n’Roll

Heimana Reynolds. Nose pick

Andy Anderson. Backside grind


Liam Pace. Boardslide

“I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to skate a spot like this. No better place to ‘move like water.’  Thanks Chris, Rest In Peace Bruce.”

– Andy Anderson


Andy Anderson. Slob Plant

Heimana Reynolds. Over the hole

Matt Wilcox. Lien air

“Having the opportunity to skate the water park was like no other and I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve always wanted to skate that loop and when Chris hit me up I couldn’t say no. It’s a lot bigger and scarier in person but damn it was fucking sick! Good friends, good vibes and big water slides.
Can it get better than that?

– Heimana Reynolds


Heimana Reynolds. Loop

Kevin Stabb. Stone surfing

Heimana Reynolds. Frontside ollie


Andy Anderson. Backside Disaster

Kevin Staab.

Andy Anderson. Frontside Layback

Liam Pace. Frontside lien melon

“It’s like Willy Wonka opened the factory gates for a single day, every skater has dreamed of getting to skate a waterpark. We had full reign to skate the whole place! Definitely a session. I will remember for the rest of my life.”

– Liam Pace


Liam Pace. Backside Grind

Andy Anderson. Backside Air

Matt Wilcox. Frontside Grind

Liam. Slide Drop

“One of the coolest experiences I’ve had skating something not meant to be skated. You’d think the slides would be slippery but it was just about the opposite and was sticky. Heading down the white slide full speed was extremely fun.”

– Matt Wilcox


Matt Wilcox. Backside Air

Thanks to Palm Springs Surf Club for the session!!!