Bollerdamm – bridge over troubled quarters

Rollerdamm DIY in Vienna didn’t waste much time asking for permission when they started turning a shitty, junked up ditch, well hidden underneath a freeway bridge, into a one of a kind little skate refuge.

DIY Dogs – Crete Days – Wellington DIY, New Zealand

I’ve been involved in DIY projects in Estonia, but the fact that these guys can organise skaters (!!!) to be on the spot before 7:30 AM and ready to shovel on a weekend, is something else. The DIY spirit is strong with this bunch, hats off to you guys.

Rozkurwiel crew – euro skate tour 2018

For a short introduction, Rozkurwiel is a crew from north of Poland. Ok, that’s enough for an introduction. So for the annual Rozkuwiel Tour, in 2018 we decided to check the ocean. As always we rent a bus, get together nine freaks and hit the road.