Concussion Magazine – Amnesia

Originally released in 2001 on VHS. Re-Released in 2003 as a double DVD together with Damaged from Concussion Magazine (1995-2008).

Featuring: Steve Bailey, Pete “the Ox” Colpits, Wade Speyer, Chad Shetler, Eric J., Texas Dan, Ben Tobolski, Crazy Eddie, Punker Matt, Chris Romero, Tony Farmer, Royce Nelson, Neal Hendrix, and way more.

Edited by Dave Amell, Davoud Kermaninejad and Jonathan Hay

Filmed by Jonathan Hay, Dave Amell, Davoud Kermaninejad, Justin Gold, Sean Wood, Lee Charron, Brian Moll, Ben Tobolski, Jim Gingery, Eric Stahl and more.

Music by Zeke, Prevail, ACDC, Monolith, Dwarves, In the Red, Hangman, Funeral, Monolith, Supersuckers, Murder City Devils, Kyuss, and High on Fire.

A few DVDs (Amnesia + Damaged) available at:

Old reviews

Heckler Magazine
“First off, if you don’t know Concussion Magazine, get hipper and search them out. They are a core group of board riders that independently publish a great mag that focuses on hardcore skateboarding with a little snow and surf for flavor. This debut video puts their print efforts on film and damn near inspires me to want to purposely slam hard on concrete. Did you think Sam Cunningham of Blockhead fame was done? Thin again. Pools, full pipes, punk, hard slams, old school Vans, Dickies, Hells Bells, Senn, Trujilo, Cardiel, Ox, Hotchkiss, Krahn, slip-on Vans, mohawks, Speyer, vert, Shetler, Burnside, Oregon, roll-ins, O’Laughlin, Farmer, ally oop corner airs, the shallow end, good times, Hertzler, Hendrix, inverts, Bailey, Eric J., and beer; if these things are not religious for you, wise up and get in touch with Amnesia. Don’t forget!” – Brian Serjun

Big Brother
The first thing I thought of before writing this review was the ending to it: “This video will be hard to forget.” That was what I was thinking of ending it with. Clever, no? I hate writing like that. Sounds like something Stone Phillips would say. And then the body of the review was going to be about the concussions I’ve gotten. I first locked up doing a f/s air over the channel at the Page Mill ramp in Palo Alto. A lot of the guzys in this video who are my age probably skated that ramp and will remember the owner, Mike, and his crazy English mohter. I woke up on the flat bottom, and, after I came to, I asked Mike if I could use his phone to call someone to come pick me up because there was no way I could drive home, but he wouldn’t let me because his mom would get mad if she knew I got hurt. Huh? So I had to sit there and watch that kook do layback airs until my head cleared up enough to drive home. God, I hate layback airs. That trick is so ugly. If I were to teach a monkey how to do a trick, I’d teach it layback airs. It’s no wonder they’ve been forgotten.” – Dave Carnie


Concussion - Amnesia

Produced by Concussion Productions © 2001

Produced and Edited

Dave Amell
Davoud Kermaninejad
Jonathan Hay

After Effects Intro Production

Wayne Fidler
Lee Eischelman


Dave Amell
Jonathan Hay
Davoud Kermaninejad
Ben Tobolski
Justin Gold
Brian Moll
Peter DiAntoni
Sean Wood
Patrick Trefz
Lee Charron
Jim Gingery


Steve Bailey
Pete "the Ox" Colpits
Wade Speyer
Chad Shetler
Eric J
Texas Dan
Loud Ben Tobolski
Crazy Eddie
Punker Matt
Chris Romero
Tony Farmer
Royce Nelson
Neal Hendrix
Tim McKinney
Brett Stahle
Sean O'Loughlin
Chris Senn
John Cardiel
Matt Dyke
Tony Miorana
Mike Sperling
Heath Sheratt
Dan Johnson
Sean Stockton
Shane Keater
Will Lotz
Jarrod Scholl
Jud Hertzler
Ben Granlune
Roberto Alemañ
Pat Smith
Justin Strubing
Eric Kirkwood
Greg Lutzka
Zak Richisen
Tony Trujillo
Duane Peters
Ben Krahn
Jesse Hotchkiss
Danny McNaughton
Leucian from Oregon
Brian Rensberry
Jackson Taylor
Ryan Wilburn
Corey Ryan
Johnny Mannak
Lance Mountain
Omar Hassan
Bobby Wass
Israel Forbes
Sam Harding
Rob Brown
Darren Navarette
Sam Cunningham
Kevin Torrey
Joel Chavez
Davoud Kermaninejad
Alan Peterson
Jason Jessee
Jeff Reeves
Greg Goodfellow
and more...


Chris Guerrero
Willy Jenkins
Zak Giotta
Jonathan Hay
Ryan Simpson


Curtis Hsiang
Matt Neely
Tim Brauch

Special Thanks

Wayne Fiddler
Lee Eischelman
Mason Ching
Ryan Howatt
Simon Hay
Jonathan Stein
Matt Pike of High on Fire
Justin Gold at Sessions


"302 Cubic Inch V-8 Powered Blues"
Super Sound Racing
Scootch-Pooch Records

"Hells Bells"
Back in Black
Atlantic Records

"Up to the Curb"

"50 Million Year Trip"
Blues for the Red Sun
Dali/Warner Bros.

"Of the Abyss"
It Takes a Whole Lot of Work,
It Takes a Whole Lot of Time

"Big Balls"
Tribute to AC/DC
Reptilian Records

Murder City Devils
Free the West Memphis Three Tribute
Koch Records

High on Fire
Live at Moe's Alley
Courtesy of High on Fire

The original concept for the cover, it was going to be called Concussion the video, but we changed it to Amnesia last minute.