Ottone Bowl DIY – Lodi, Italy

Two years ago I started digging a pool in my town Lodi. The city authorized the skate association to do that but after a while I found asbestos in the dirt.. it’s not toxic but really harmful if you inhale it. I don’t know if you have that shit where you live, but it’s pretty big in Italy though. Somebody hid the asbestos back in the day. I quit with that. I wasted six hundred euros…

Skate Rock Party- Cadiz, Spain

After a big hit with the previous“Infernal ramp contest” and the completion of ramps at the OLD SCHOOL SK8 CLUB at a warehouse on Carpinteria 14 in Cadiz, Spain, the members of the Club and Skate events got together and organized the SKATE ROCK PARTY, a skateboard event full of skating, girls and Rock & Roll.