Under the Bridge in the Canary Islands

I had the idea of shooting a wallride from an angle where you are able to see the canyon, the houses above the street, and of course the bridge and somewhere down there, somebody on a skateboard, doing something in this wild place.

Andreu Grao. Melon to fakie. Photo: Tono Garcia

Casa Maccaroni – mini ramp and guesthouse – Canary Islands

Casa Maccaroni is a guesthouse made for people who want to live in an international community, inspired from art, surf and skateboarding, surrounded by the Canary Islands environment. We comes from skateboarding and we restored an old and typical majorero’s farm. As DIY skateboarding carpenters, moved by real passion, we fixed this house to make a guesthouse where you can feel a true atmosphere, relax and have a skateboard session after the beach.