Burnside 25th anniversary

Burnside 25th anniversary halloween party was a blast! The pouring rain did not stop the party and fortunately the bridge kept the park kind of dry. But within a few moments, the place got flooded, but was dried out and the skating went on and on. The live music was rough, perfect for the event – punk rock. We had it all, a renewed bowl, just finished a few days before by Dreamland Skateparks, made it perfectly, got ripped up all day and night, wet or dry, with or without fireworks blasting off in it. At some point, Dirt decided to fly off the roof. See a low quality (flash didn’t fire) frame from this epic trick. Funny costumes all around, party, beer and music. What more do you need  when all your friends are around and having fun?

Burnside is the longest lasting DIY skatepark in the world, and it made it to its 25th birthday not just out of luck! It is with the constant effort of some people (you know who you are). I love this place!”

Words + photos by Nicola Debernardi


Casey Tratz

Casey Tratz. Lien air

china man

China man rock n roll slide

pbr man

PBR man. Crail slide

Jason and Ghoul

Ghoul and Jason, jason, jason….


Skeleton frontside grind on the new pool coping


80s dude.

Donovan, Gravette, Marcelino, and Premium Beer dude

Donovan, Gravette, Marcelino, and Mackenzie


Dirt rolling in off the top

Kevin Kowalski

Kevin Kowalski. Backside air to disaster


Dirt. Lien air

Casey Tratz

Casey Tratz. One footed lien.


Dirt blasting out the big bowl

Kevin Kowlaski

Kevin Kowlaski. Andrecht.


Marcelino taking a break from Security

Cody, Joey Martin and Kevin Kowalski.

Cody, Joey Martin and Kevin Kowalski.