Boldrider art sale – concrete fund raiser – Postojna, Slovenia

“There was just one session on the indoor mini ramp at Pumpa because outside it was raining so we couldn’t skate the bowl. There were different artists selling art, photos, zines, cds, lps and other things. We sold them to collect money for buying new concrete. That’s it!” – Deso / R.O.W.

Benefit Show for Parisite DIY Skatepark

Parisite DIY: New Orleans, Louisiana

PARISITE DIY is the skate park of New Orleans. It is located on and
named after Paris Avenue. Formed in 2012 after the demolition of, “The
Peach Orchard.”

Pont Bellevue D.I.Y – Nantes, France (fundraising party)

This Saturday night (June 2nd) there will be a video premiere of “BREATHLESS”, a film by Arthur Bourdaud. The video features a lot of DIY spots so the locals at Pont Bellevue decided to organize a lottery and a fundraiser during the release of the DVD to get money to buy more concrete for their local “under the bellevue bridge” spot.