Ye Olde Destruction

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Backside nosegrind at Colchester DIY. Photo: Jerome Loughran

Mark Munson interview (as seen in Confusion magazine – issue 12)

“I’ve never written an intro before, always thought it would be impossible and to write one for mark is one of the hardest things as he’s not the sort of guy who likes compliments or stuff like that, he lives more on the ‘get the job done and get out of there’ side of things. To cut a long story short I was about 12 or 13 when we first met, he came to my hometown of Walton on the Naze to the little skatepark we had in the town where no one came, we started chatting and before I knew it he was throwing a sea of abuse at me getting me to try stuff I had never even thought about trying before, this technique of making people try stuff that was completely fucking terrifying actually worked!!! He calls you a useless cunt until you have no choice but to commit to whatever you are trying!!! We then spent the next ten years hanging out and skating pretty much everyday!! There is too much I could write so I’m going to keep it short, but I basically owe my life to this guy and that is not a lie! Much love.” – Ben Raemers

Ben Raemers. Crailslide. Photo: Jai Tanju

Grandpa’s DIY – La Selva Beach – California

My son Thomas called me at home and told me there was a spot that he thought we could build on. It turns out it’s this neighbor kid Lucas’s house. I really didn’t like this kid much. It seemed to me that they were always fighting, but I rode my bike down there anyway to see what was up. It turns out it was a piece of property that his Grandpa gave him.