Name: David Lilley
Age: 18
Hometown: Ocean City, Maryland
Where do you live now: Oceanside, California
Sponsors: I’ve had the chances to get sponsors but I don’t really know how I stand with that. I’m flow for Ace Trucks now and that’s about all I want.
Years skating: 7 years
Favorite Trick: Long frontside grind
Favorite Spot: As in skatepark? That would be Prince Park all the way. But my favorite spot I’ve ever skated is Lower Bobs and I broke my wrist the first time I went. Haha.
Hobbies: I really like to play ping pong, chess, and Airsoft with my brother.
Anything else to say: Keep skateboarding fun and go skate every day with your friends!

Photos by Ben Hull


Backside Tailslide.

Backside air at Lower Bobs.

Frontside ollie in backyard bowl in southern California

Frontside nosegrind over the death box.

Backside Air. Lower bobs.

Back smith at Lower Bobs. David Lilley

Noseblunt slide.

Sugarcane over the door at Lower Bobs.