Scotty Walsh - backside smith

Australian barriers and pool

Inspiration for this spot came from seeing amazing DIY pop up all over the world and we wanted a little taste. We knew a beaut’ of a barrier that sits hidden away under a train bridge in Brisbane’s south that hadn’t been touched in years, all that was there was a channel that had been concreted up initially by Noah Phillips, Mark Zimmerle and Flloyd Rewa maybe 10 years ago.

Santeri Kulmala - Fs rock n roll @ Ruoke DIY. (Before the renovation)

Ruoke DIY – Finland

The spot is about 10 km from Jyvaskyla, near Ruoke village in the middle of nowhere on this abandoned highway stop. Those barriers have been there for ages and we all have had our eyes on them for years. Two years ago Ville and few other guys started this spot by doing a small concrete tranny to make one of those barriers skateable

Ballina Barrier Barge 2

Almost exactly 1 year after the first Ballina Barrier Barge, the Barrier Barge 2 was hastily organized and sponsors were rounded up at the last minute. The idea behind this DIY event is to shred the one obstacle in the Ballina skatepark that resembles a DIY spot, a lone barrier plopped atop a big bank.