Mexican Motorheads: Towing in to monster Mexican barrels

Confusion Magazine surf videographer Sean Wood was down in Mexico this summer surfing and filming both paddle in and tow-in surfing. This edit is all machine assisted tow-ins. Not the most soulful way to surf, but hey, it gets the job done when it’s too big to paddle in. Here’s the edit of the Motorhead’s pulling in to some of Mexico’s best beach breaks.

Nathan Fletcher hits Mexican Pipes

Nathan Fletcher surfing a quad (four) fin Stretch surfboard. With three broken boards within 1 week, you know these were some heavy tubes. While others were doing tow-ins and jet ski assists, Nathan stroked in the old fashioned way, with his arms. He thinks the whole jet ski thing is a bit too “jock”.

Empty barrels in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Harbor is a wave that rarely breaks, but when it does it’s the most hollow wave in all of Santa Cruz.

German ex-pat Patrick Trefz has been living in Santa Cruz for the better part of the last 2 decades. He’s a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine even though lately it seems he prefers to shoot films about the actual characters that shape the surfing community.