What Sharks? Deep in the Red Triangle

Back in Santa Cruz in October we were looking for waves up the coast. We went to a sketchy North Coast beach which is rather empty in general except for creepy naked men strolling the beach looking to hook up. When we walked down the trail to the beach we discovered a hippy rave going down with pumping techno, twirling sticks and spinning chicks down the beach from short plump men with little dicks looking for some licks.

Santa Cruz residents Adam Wade and Karl Berquist decided to brave the sharky waters for a solo session in the shore break conditions. This spot is a bit creepy – not just because of the gay men hunting on the beach but also the sharky vibe. I’m not sure if it was more of a threat to be out in the water with the sharks or braving the beach with naked men trolling the shores. Sean Wood went out to film the action in the water, floating like a bloated dead seal for over an hour, while I had to make sure there were no sneak attacks from behind.

A few weeks later during the Santa Cruz “Cold Water Classic” surf competition, one of the pro guys Eric Geiselman from Florida, was surfing the same spot and got hit by a Great White Shark. He didn’t get bit but the shark broke his board in half. If you think I’m full of shit, read the article on surfline or on Transworld Surf.

Sean and I both survived the video session (no bites) and Adam and Karl took some beatings but also caught some good waves.
Check out the video.

Video Footage (shark threat): Sean Wood
Video Footage (naked man threat): J. Hay
Edited by: Sean Wood
Music: Pelican

2 thoughts on “What Sharks? Deep in the Red Triangle

  1. Your modest article was mared beyond repair.
    Your homophobia, repelant as it is tells the reader more about your issues than it does about the life styles of others.
    Some people surf, some people cruise. And then some people are just plain and simple haters.
    “a mind is like a parchute ,
    It has to be open to work.”
    frank zappa

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