Bocashiva DIY – south west france


So basically it’s a house lost in the forest near Bordeaux in south west France. It was built in 1975, and nobody ever lived in it.

In 2010 it was used as a sound system house for four or five years and they gave the name of shiva to the spot, before an intervention by the police.

11 years later somebody told me about this house and it was the beginning of the DIY, the living room was very big and there is a roof. So when it’s raining it’s perfect, in winter too. We began to build a lot in March 2021, we were only two and a lot of friends of us liked the project, so they came to help us. The name Boca-shiva is a tribute to the original name and bocadillos specialities we eat when we go skate in basque country.

So eight months later the living room is almost a bowl, another bowl is in construction on the terrace, and another one next to the house.

This is the continuity of the Skatopiak DIY, a DIY created by our skateboard association since 2014.  – @ariskateboard

Photos by @taquet_picture

Bocashiva DIY – Bordeaux, France

Filmed / edited by @smshoot Band:

Frontside Crail

Wallride to Fakie

Frontside Air

Frontside Air transfer

Frontside beanplant transfer

Stoner Bud’s //