Concrete Mini Ramp – Rafina, Athens – Greece

Everything began at our friends old house in Rafina, a suburb of Athens.
 We were discussing  making our own mini ramp, because we sadly lack skateparks here in Greece.

Mike, the house owner allowed us to build it in his front yard. So the night we had the idea was the same night we began planning the whole deal, taking the first measurements and having in mind of what we could accomplish. We’ve constructed lots of elements over the past years, but this was a challenge for us. Everything started in October, 2012.

 Me (Stelios), Dimitris, Mike and Christoforos began working, buying materials and having lots of weekends in the yard to finish this project.
 We finished the ramp last June. We loved the feel of concrete construction, making everything possible with the help of our great friend Sotiris who is a great constructor. He and some other bmx friends made a famous pool yard at Andros island, inside a friend’s hotel resort. 

We’d like to thank Confusion Magazine for the opportunity to show you the progress of our miniramp, and for the support you are giving to DIY projects like our own… 

Keep skating, always for fun.

Words by Tragos

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