OMSA crew grinds down the NorthBrigade

Although not all these guys are officially part of the OMSA crew, skaters from Germany, Basque country and England got together for a proper shred in the newly rebuilt NorthBrigade skatepark in Cologne, Germany. Although these tricks aren’t the gnarliest you’ve seen, keep in mind most of these guys are over 45 and a couple of them over 50. Let’s see you do a double truck 50-50 grind in a tight pocket when you’re 50!

Kiel DIY – northern Germany

Ever since I saw Pontus Alv’s “Strongest of the Strange” I wanted to build some skate stuff myself. The film blew my mind // great skating, artwork and DIY, but especially the short moaning scene. It sounded all so familiar to me: no time, no spots to skate, no motivation.