Carry Bowl – southern France

Words and Photos by Jérôme Dutang @dandjerous

The new Carry le Rouet skatepark will be inaugurated in January 2019, but a team of motivated skaters have made the mission to test the bowl since it was already finished.

Alex Giraud, pti Ju, Thomas André and the rest of the team have exploited the lines of this bowl very well, that was built by Vulcano and Constructo skatepark.

It’s still amazing to see Marseille legends Alex Giraud and Julien Benoliel skating together at the same place at the same time.

Alex Giraud. Backside air

Julien Benoliel. Front smith

Thomas André. Backside tailslide

Alex Giraud. Frontside ollie

Guillaume Guené. Rock n Roll

Adrien Brugyere. Heel block.

Thomas André. Frontside feeble

Guillaume Guené. Frontside grind to blind fakie yank out

Thomas André. Frontside over the hip.