Shoota ollie up to frontside grind

Grim Creepers and an Aussie Halloween

Skaters have long held the torch of adopting the most awesome of the misappropriated religious festivals for Australia. Dress up in satanic garb, get a bit intoxicated and play skateboards? Fuck yeah!

Swompton Bowl. 2013

Swampy’s Backyard Bowl – Swompton, England

“A lot of people have been down here. Some come and don’t want to skate. Some are scared to drop in. Most struggle to find speed, and all will eat shit at some point. I’ve seen a lot of heads bounce off the concrete, mine included. Some days I’ll have a skate and the bowl will kick my arse. People will come with their boards, but will leave with hippers, swellbows, bruises, cuts and of course covered in dust.
My bowl was a case of I wanted something to skate. I built it, I skate it.” – Swampy