FDR – 4th of July 2020

Words and Photos: Brandon Monohan

“COVID-19 can’t shut our parties down! Although there was a lot less people this year, it was just as hesh as every year. We got to skate with our homies, dance to live music, Dicky got naked, Cops left us alone, and we got to shoot fireworks at each other again. It felt good to pretend to live normally once more, at least for a few hours.We’re all probably going to get the Corona Virus now.” – Brandon Monahan

Hans Frank. Frontside air

Mike Jones. Invert

Dicky Johnston. Frontside grab

Zach Cusano. Backside Boneless

Fire Dance

Hans Frank. Frontside grind

Jeff Rasp. Backside smith

Dicky Johnston. Backside crail

Dicky Dance

Jeff Styers. Layback air

Kieran Treece. Frontside ollie

Mike Jones. Frontside invert

Nikki Nailbomb & the Amorphous Blob Orchestra

Andrew Walker. Indy.

Chuck Treece

Hans Frank. Frontside air

Ryan Cardone. Frontside feeble

Sean K. Frontside grind

Jeff Rasp. Backside crail

The Robinsons

Those Troublemakers




Zach Cusano. Lien Tail

Alex Desmond & Alex Firmwill. Frontside air vs Feeble grind