Below the Equator with Alessandro Ferreri

Alessandro Ferreri

This was my second visit to Bali. I was with my good friend Icaro, we skated, partied and surfed pretty much every day! This photo was taken at Eatskatesleep b&b, it was one of the best sessions we got in Bali for both of us. Thank you so much Julien (the owner) for also bringing us surfing and for the hospitality!

Frontside grind off the lip at EatSleepSkate in Bali. Photo: by Icaro Nardi

Layback in Nimbin, NSW, Australia.  Photo: Simone Ferreri

Ale getting barreled in barrel in Siargao, Philippines

Even though this was only my second time in Bali, I already knew all the locals! There was this really big skate party. I really enjoyed that night, even if I don’t remember much!


Invert at Pretty Poison in Bali Indonesia. Photos by cmt.graph

Lien to tail at Pretty Poison

Frontside smith grind at Pretty Poison in Bali

Backside smith grind at Pretty Poison

My Italian mate Giacomo and I made a road trip around Queensland. When we stopped in Cairns and we saw this old skatepark on the beach, I was so exited to skate this fullpipe and for him to take some pics, so we made it happen!

Fakie pump in the cradle. Cairns, Australia. Photo: Giacomo D’orlando

Front smith tail grab in the Gold Coast. Photo: Giacomo D’orlando

Cut back in Noosa, Australia.  Photo: Marco Baronchelli

This bowl was one of my locals park, Elanora skatepark in Queensland. I lived really close by and usually each Tuesday was a night sesh with all the homies.  Big hugs Sk8sox and Fiiks crews!

Troutopia in NSW Australia

Invert at Troutopia

Boneless in Troutopia

Frontside Grind transfer at Troutopia

Ale cutting back. Dreamtime, NSW, Australia

Invert at Grimace’s Pool in NSW Australia

This miniramp is actually a DIY built by Hans Askvid for his kids in this small village in front of the beach where they live with their mom Grace Suarez, a really nice and super friendly family. At their accomodation you can skate, surf and drink coconut water all day, what else could you want?!

Barefoot Frontside Rock’n’Roll in Siargao, Philippines. Photo: Roby Bragotto

Sweeper in Siargao, Philippines. Photo: Roby Bragotto

In the pocket in Siargao, Philippines

Ale backside at Pipeline

Backdoor cut back

Backdoor. Hawaii

Coolangatta, Gold Coast


Heading to Hawaii…