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  • Greififornia Pool – Opening Party – Berlin

    The skate scene in Berlin and around was pretty ready and impatient for this event on September 1st. People visited the pool weeks before it was finished. But after five months of work, we were ready to open it to the public on this Friday afternoon.

  • Freakend 2023 – Port Land DIY – Basel, Switzerland

    Port Land DIY family put together a new edition of the Freakend party. Three days of rad skating, music playing, silkscreen printing, snake venom drinking and chicken plucking in one of Switzerland’s most famous DIYs.

  • Sin Ollie 7 – Javier Saavedra

    This is my last part since after more than a year fighting back pain without success (two operations as well as a thousand more treatments), it is time to say goodbye to skateboarding and many other things.