Behind the Lens: Arto Saari

I think with digital age it’s a lot more accessible and your learning curve can be faster. At the end of the day, it’s not so much about the gear, it’s more about your view and lighting that makes the picture. You could have the best stove in the world, but it doesn’t make you a great chef.

The Fernando Elvira Interview

It´s been around ten years ago since I first met Fernando. He was visiting our common friend, Pipas, in Switzerland and they came over for a skate session in the barn. We did not talk much back then and we didn´t have a real connection. He was mostly sitting somewhere drawing in a notebook, while everyone else got stoned when not skating. When dinner time came he sat on the side picking a raw cabbage and I remember asking him what was up with that. He told me he was as a raw foodist and how he got into that.