A Hoax skate road trip from Basque country, through France, to Belgium and Germany with Donovan Rice, Pepe Nuñez, Kevin Wenzke, Josh Kotlega, Jairo Garcia, Pedro “Pope” Tomas, Sergio Cadena, Koekie, Yoeri Vromans, Pedro Vivas, Alain Kortabitarte, and friends…

Sebbe Debuck is not only good on a snowboard. He's got some smith grind skills too.

Malinas Machinas 3 – Mechelen, Belgium

This is the third year that we (G’nassis) organized the Malinas Machinas event in Mechelen. The first year we didn’t really knew what we were doing, but we knew that we wanted skateboarding, bands playing and the bowl filled up with water for a pool party. And that all ended up super good, so we decided to do it again the next year in pirate style.