XXX Mass Grind – Six Side DIY – Vancouver Island

It’s been ten years of illegal island bridge alterations, and six years of our now annual XXX Mass Grind! We started with humble beginnings: shovels, bag crete and sore backs… now ten years later we’re still building, grinding, guzzling, and heckling.
The spot keeps getting crazier, and I think we’re into our third batch of groms.

Thanks to everyone who helped, donated, and kept the fire lit.

Cheers to ten more years, SxMxSxP


Words by Mark Cambridge
Photos by Olga Aguilar

James. Boneless over the channel.

Shawn Rowbottom

Stepan Soroka. Stand up frontside grind into the corner.

Stinky Mark

Tyler Glanfield

Shawn Rowbottom. Sweeper

Jeff Muirhead. Backside nosegrind over the doorway to hell.

Tyler Glanfield over Joe Fetnton, like two ships passing in the night.

Stepan Soroka

Merrick Orr. Rock n roll.

Conlan Killen. Backside air.

Tyler Glanfield

Burrito factory

Merrick Orr. FSA.