Wörgl DIY – opening party – Tyrol, Austria

In a small town called Wörgl in Austria, located in the Tyrol alps, alongside the river Inn,  you can find
Wörgl DIY, a project triggered by Roman “Asti” Astleitner & Marco, owner of the local skate shop Pilotto and after 13 years of construction, it is one of the most stunning, fun and beastly skateparks you will find in all over Europe.

After the last part of the skatepark was finished this year it was time to unleash the concrete beast with an opening party that worships the hard work. There were €2000 cash for tricks, custom made Volcom X Wörgl X Independent truck trophies, a pigling BBQ, live music and beers.

thanks to all the locals and workers like Ralf Edlinger, Alex Kapfinger, Hannes Sautner, Peter Stromberger Leo Teissl, Roman Erhart that made this skatepark come to life. And thanks to Roman Astleitner as the head of this project, the Pilotto skateshop, Muckefuck Urethane, Mark Scott & Joey Martin (Dreamland Skateparks), Chet Childress, Willis Kimbel, Emil Kästle and all of the other helping hands and celebrators who came out last weekend.

Photos by Luis Gallo @luisgallophoto

Victor Pellegrin. Backside ollie

Marco Kada. Frontside flip

Ralf Edlinger. Feeble in the bowl

Harry Lintell. Nollie backside flip.

Tim Rebensdorf. Hurricane

Tim Rebensdorf. Lien to disaster

David Bachl. Front smith

Victor Pellegrin. Backside lipslide

Skate til you bleed

Harry Lintell. 5-0 grind on the ledge

Lorenzo Corsi. Krooked grind

Stjepan Lovric. Frontside air

Stand up frontside grind by Suicidal Paddy aka Patrick Gebhardt

Victor Pellegrin. Crailslide

The trophies