PARK(ing) Day – Münster, Germany

On September 18, 2020 – World Wide PARK(ing) Day –  activists block city streets in an effort to take back the space all those cars occupy all the time. Few things are more annoying and useless than cars in a city. We, as skateboarders, are pretty much used to “repurposing city space“, so we decided to build a little ramp with the help of our local “BTC” D.I.Y. Crew. We added some beers to the equation and it all went down as a memorable afternoon.   – Johan Fründ

Preparations. Photo: Markus Koch

Setting up the ramps in front of BlackHeaven skatepark in Münster, Germany. Photo: Markus Koch

Park(ing) Day. Münster, Germany. Photo: Markus Koch

@uette – Kickflip Fakie Transfer

@uette – Frontside ollie transfer. Photo: Johan Fründ

@mrtomsch – Ollie fakie transfer. Photo: Johan Fründ

@meikegjwk – rock to fakie. Photo: Johan Fründ

@don_lord_hugo – Metal Jump. Photo: Johan Fründ

@am4_667 – backside grind transfer