Wörgl DIY – opening party – Tyrol, Austria

After 13 years of pouring concrete #wörgldiy finally held it’s official opening party. Over a decade in the making one of Europe’s largest DIY skateparks celebrates with a real skateboard party: Volcom brought their riders to the Austrian alps, there were €2000 for best trick sessions in different areas of the park and the most outstanding tricks were awarded with special trophies by Independent Trucks.

Cold beer and BBQ during the day as well as a live concert right at the skatepark in the evening round up the event. And as if having a great time wasn’t reason enough to be there, the whole fun and games even served a good cause: all revenues at the bar went to the children’s cancer aid!

Wörgl DIY – Wörgl, Austria

Without any experience how to work with concrete we started building the first section of the park seven years ago. Since this time we somehow got addicted and whenever we have a bit of money collected we come back to the construction site to build another part! Wörgl Skatepark became one of the best skate spots in Austria and after all there is no end in sight! There’s plenty of ground left to be covered with concrete in the next years! Many thanks go to all the guys that invested months of hard work & the Pilotto Skate Shop for supporting this project since day one!