Missouri Vortex Diaper Dive

A little edit from my diaper party….. just had a baby so my concrete work is on hold for a bit. It will resume someday. I have a lot of homemaker work to do in the meantime… Gonna rent out some cabins and have a few fund raisers for the next big push… We will be building a big doorway with a full pipe entry way eventually.

The future of concrete skateboard parks is shining bright!! This time in history will be known as the skatepark revolution….. more and more parks around the world are being built everyday with more park building companies starting up and doing great work… this is only the beginning.  It won’t stop it’ll only get larger and moreover…. someday every town, park, city, beach, village, school, college, gated community, institution in the world will have a concrete skatepark just as they have football and tennis courts now….. and just in the 11 years I’ve been working on this place hundreds maybe thousands of private backyard bowls, pools and skatepark facilities just like this have been born…  If your a concrete skatepark builder you can still create things that have never been made…. build things that haven’t been thought of…..It’s something that has never been done by humans until a few decades ago so if your involved in Skatepark’s in any way then your a pioneer…. duty now for the future.

Words by JP Kraus / @missourivortex

A celebration of new life, past and old. Featuring: Manny Maire, Scotty Laird, Justin Smolenski, Bryan Werner, Frenchy, Sam Bowers, Cooper Carter, Woody Hayes, Elijah Evans, Alex Meyer and more.

Filmed / edited by Shane Stander

– JP Kraus