D.I.Y. Corner – Switzerland

At first I just planned to build a small curb, but after a short reflection I had the idea to try to do a small corner (80 cm high). The place in front of the house was made with large dark pavement, so i thought that a nice curve made with the same kind of pavement could become a pretty nice spot.

Malmö, Sweden – DIY WEEKEND (Part I): THE HOLE

We had been invited up to Sweden for the DIY Sibbarp Skate weekend over a month before but as the weekend drew near, the first Issue of Confusion was still not off to the printers and I almost canceled the trip. But my old saying is “It’s better to go and regret going, than not going and regret not going.” And I never regret it. So we closed down the Confusion offices on Friday morning, caught the train to the Köln airport and 2 hours later we arrived in Copenhagen airport.