Barefoot Mike’s backyard bowl

Every year, there is a memorial party to celebrate the birthday of Scotty Hansen, who unfortunately passed away some years ago. The session is held at Barefoot Mike‘s bowl in O’side, a very tight and steep DIY backyard bowl.

The session was on FIRE with a few bands rocking Mike’s backyard while a lot of people were ripping the bowl. It was a great day and I met loads of nice people! I thank Mike for organizing the session, the food and the beer, even more for letting me stay at his place.

Words and Photos by Nicola Debernardi

Frontside Grind- James Gold

Shawn Ross. Judo lien air

Riley Kozerski. Bastard Plant

Scotty Jones. Frontside grind

Shawn Ross. Frontside Air

Sabino Lopez. Frontside Slasher 

Blake Hansen. FSA

Trent Carrol. Frontside crail grind

Shaun Ross. Backside Role in

Shaun Ross. Lien Judo

Frontside grind – Hunter

Mike and Scotty’s brand “Wheel Bite” silkscreened patch