Small Beating Ice Colds

Photos by Dave Duesterberg, B. McCornmick & Nate Recine
Video by Dave Duesterberg

Homies Sisters. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Nothing beats a skate road trip with all your friends. We’ve been doing this for ten years now and it never gets old, and after days on the road skating out in the burning sunlight, there’s nothing quite like the extravagance of a frosty, refreshing ice cold, cooled in a mountain current rippling through a glacial valley, beneath the easy shade of the coastal woodland. Forget about Monster, forget Gatorade, skateboarding already has an official drink: Ice Colds.

Ivan Calleja. Backside ollie on the first stop on the trip. Eureka, CA. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Jason Galindo. Lien Air

Nate Recine. Ollie in Sisters, OR. Photo: B. McCormick

Jason and Jacob doubles. Backside Smith and Backside Air. Photo: B. McCormick

It’s a fact that’s been with us since the dawn of skateboarding. A beautiful legacy laid out by our forefathers and reinforced through archetypes such as: Cold Ones, Drunk vs. Sober and of course, the late great P-Stone.

Let’s not kid ourselves too much, alcohol’s not super amazing for your health, and being drunk skateboarding may or may not actually help.

Cold ones. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Josh Balogh. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Chris Henderson. Lien to Tail. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

But when you’re on vacation, sometimes you have to take that self indulgent leap into pure hedonism from time to time – why not? It seems like a stretch sometimes to get work off, save up a little extra cash, and disappear from your normal routine, but how much time do you really want to spend trapped in a cubicle gawking at a screen or in the blazing sun hauling equipment or whatever it is you do. Wouldn’t you rather crack open a smooth frosty white cake, slash some cope with the boyos and kick it in a river? Make the time, drift away, what better thing do you have going on?  Life’s pretty good.

Chris Henderson. Rockside over the cave at Red’s. B. McCormick

Josh Balogh. Alleyoop around the bend. Eureka, CA. Photo: Nate Recine

Chillin. Photo: Nate Recine

Jacob. Ollie

Cast of Characters:

Jacob: The best, only skates when no one’s looking

Jason: Pool master, Grill master, Ice Cold king

Jimmy: Keeper of the coldest Ice Colds

Brandon: ATV, Fastest Hillbomb, Big slams

Sean: Chef Toe, Always Remember

Nate: Style guy, Photo guy, Hospital danger

Ivan: Backside ollies, Deep thoughts

Hendo: Legend, Plant whisperer, Schedule keeper

Aaron: Vert ruler, Campsite expert, Fungi forager

Balogh: Coach, All time ripper

Zac: Full savage, Hammock tech, Blood donor

Anthony: Greyhound bus to Lincoln City

Good vibes all the way

Dave: Me!


Zac. Frontside Air. Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Jason Galindo. Flying backside at Sisters, OR. Photo: B. McCormick


Zac Barclay. FSA at Sisters, OR. Photo: Dave Duesterberg.

Most Ice Colds from one stop: 120

Average daily time in Safeway: 2 hrs

Longest Sleep: Hendo – 3pm

Least Comfortable Sleep: Sean – In the rain, under a tarp, with a log for a pillow

Chef Toe Award: Jason – Kickin’ Chicken

Never Forgotten: J.A.

Article by Dave Duesterberg

Photo: Nate Recine

Jacob Calhoun. Backside Shoveit. Photo: B. McCormick

Jason. Madonna. Photo:Dave Duesterberg

Photo: Dave Duesterberg

Photo: Dave Duesterberg