Wicked Lady – Olivia Jaffe Interview

With an unbelievably old, ripped up, Motörhead shirt on, the sickest pair of leather boots you’ve ever seen, a cig in one hand and an archaic piece of technology in the other, comes Olivia Jaffe. Like a spider carefully waiting for the moment to strike, often not disrupting the scene, just hanging in there tight till the time comes, she shoots to kill… dig into her photos and dive head-first into a rock and roll universe you only ever dreamed of before.

Unheard invitational – Portland, Oregon

Sergej Vutuc was in P-Town to set up a photo exhibition and check out Unheard Distribution’s invitational contest. He took some more “behind the scenes” photos, and he had this to say: “Rad contest…. almost like session… definitely gives special soul to event and great start for future events. The rest you can see and hear in video… one band on loud speakers (slayer) and rad skating. that’s it.”