Skartable DIY Skate Spot – Los Angeles, California

“Driving down Melrose Ave. I saw a quiet little spot, perfect for a narrow quarter pipe. I knew there is no way I could build there so I started thinking about prefab DIY. The quarter pipe came out so nice I felt like I should continue. I went back to the spot measured it up a little more and came up with the pump-hump and another quarter. Personally I think a “spot” is way cooler then a little hit it and quit it. I spent my weekends for a month building everything in some odd meditative state.


Lucky for me I’ve got some friends who are down for the cause and not afraid to wake up early. I thought the spot might last for three or four days over the long weekend, guess I was wrong. 12 hours later and the owner of the Car Wash behind the spot, apparently, had his workers take a sledge hammer to it. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Anyone who chooses to do a DIY skate spot should go into it assuming that it won’t be there forever. Sometimes it can last years and in this case hours. It’s all the same. We do it for the love and to spread the stoke… no matter how long it last.

I can only hope you were one of the few to get a session in that day!”  Clayton


Alex Vasquez. Ollieing the pump-hump. Photo: Kasper

Alex Vasquez. Ollieing the pump-hump. Photo: Kasper

Angel Torres. Ollie off.  Photo: Kasper

Angel Torres. 180. Photo: Kasper

Clayton’s photos of the creation and installation of Skartable: