Miniature Skate Pool model

After the Coronavirus swooped in and stopped us from completing a skatepark with just one flat pour left to do, I soon found myself packing up my tools and fleeing Belgium to make it home whilst flights were still available! Upon arrival, the lockdown in Spain had already started and was more real than I had first imagined! Police patrolling the streets with megaphones and lots of supposedly infected people in my town did not make it very tempting to leave the house. I am very fortunate to live round the corner from Spotter so an hours skate a couple times a week was initially on the cards to stop me going crazy, that idea ended very abruptly with a quick police chase to avoid myself a hefty fine.

With the help of a big lump of clay, some whacky backy and Pink Floyd albums playing on repeat I came across an abandoned swimming pool whilst staring into the vortex of my bedroom wall. After finding myself and having a good session in my own world I thought I may as well clear the place up a bit. You should have seen it before! Still quite a bit of work needs doing, maybe one day I’ll build myself a house there, and fix some of the fences, but I ran out of wood and as all the hardware stores are closed I had to use whatever I had knocking around. I accidentally killed the tree with all the toxic water I drained out of the pool but hopefully we don’t have to clean so many leaves next autumn. As landslides and falling rocks are highly likely I’m afraid until I get chance to fix the groundwork the pool is still closed to public. Upon opening a strict locals only rule will be policed and no blowing it out! Trouble is my laptop battery died and Pink Floyd stopped playing so I haven’t managed to get myself back onto that same wavelength to go finish it all off. – Rob Jones @crustskates