2nd Annual Sixside Fundraiser at SBC Restaurant – Vancouver, Canada

On Friday the 23rd of February, 2018 a fundraiser was held in Vancouver Canada for a DIY across the Salish Sea in Victoria, Canada. Why you might ask? And I shall answer, because Vancouver has one of the greatest skateboarder scenes on the planet. First off the owner of SBC Restaurant did his share of time with a pick axe and shovel in the early development of Sixside DIY skatepark. He then moved to Vancouver and built SBC restaurant and indoor ramp / live music venue. Lets just say “Three cheers for Malcolm!” Skull Skates vendor DJ Jeff Cole mixed the sound for the evening and local SBC rippers spent the night grinding the ramp and getting air to the right music. You paid your $5 admission and then could buy raffle tickets to win a huge pile of rad skate items that were donated. This was a great idea and I bought a raffle ticket with the #771666 (no shit)… It was a loser! BTW the evening was well attended considering the snowfall outside. In the end Malcolm slipped Sixside a big roll of cash and I transported it back to the island where the Sixside aka S.M.S.P. crew can get busy building more! Thanks Vancouver and thanks to Olga for her rad photography and support of all.

If you feel like supporting: gofundme.com/sixside-smsp-top-too-bottom-com

DIY or stay home. – Ricky JaK

Photography by Olga  Aguilar

Selwyn Sharples. Layback front rock.

Adam Gee. Bean plant.

John Aguilar. Frontside grind.

Unknown. Stand up frontside double trucker

Unknown. Stand up frontside double trucker

Ricky Jak. FSG.

Nina Aguilar. Fakie tail stall.

James K. Clarke. Frontside ollie

Adam Gee. FSA

Stepan Soroka. Crailslide.

Tristan Henry. One foot tailblock

Tristan Henry. Bean plant to fakie.

Jame K. Clarke. Frontside nosebone.

Stepan Soroka. Stand up frontside grind.