Impakt Crew attack Siegburg, Germany

Any given Sunday in Cologne, our crew attempts to motivate to go skateboarding. Either to the Factory/OMSA Bowl in Düsseldorf, or to the outside concrete bowl in Siegburg, Germany. We all talk about how we aren’t going to drink much the night before so we can be fit to skate the next day. That never works out. “Just a couple beers” turns into “too many beers” and before we know it, we’re creeping home at 4 in the morning with plans of meeting at 1pm the next “morning” to go skate. The wake up phone call rings like the dreaded alarm clock before work but it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. Recollecting the night before…missing memories, moments or hours? Time to shake off the excesses of the night before, gather together the camera gear and skateboard, drink some coffee and try and take down some food and head over to the Wasted-Box to meet the Impakt crew.

About half of the crew shows up. “Bar talk” the night before is forgotten like a waking dream as the desire to stay in bed with the girlfriend takes over… For the haggard, half-ass motivated ones that make it, like a valiant sperm blindly swimming towards the egg without knowing why – the skate shuttle awaits. Coffee in hand and beers in the sack, we load into the VW and head on to our destination of choice: Siegburg or Düsseldorf? Since snow or icy rain has taken over the German winter, the skate refuge of Düsseldorf has become the only option for our Sunday hangover sessions. This footage is from brighter days in early November, the last session before outdoor skateboarding had been shut down until March. Next weekend, we’ll take it easy…

Skaters: Impakt crew (Pillik, Tobi Hees & Jan Wermes)

Filmed & Edited: J. Hay
Music: The Shunned, Sunday’s Best