Ross Brunton. Boneless

Meanwhile park – London

So the thing goes like this; me, Ross and Bromley met up with Jack and Dan in Brixton. The plan was to go to some huge bank in south London, but fuck! just started to rain. so where to go? fuck it, lets go to Meanwhile park, where there’s the infamous “Gonz gap”.

Sergej Vutuc: Something in Between: Artshow

Sergej Vutuc, the photographer behind the book, “Something in Between” is putting up work in an empty space and doing abstract drawings out of skateboarding. If you live in Germany, check it out this Sunday, the 4th. If not, we’ll update this space after the show so you can see what went down.

Out of Stock: A Skateboard Exhibition

Out Of Stock is a skatepark exhibition / art show about the past to the present of Stockwell Skatepark, in South London.
The opening show is at Stolen Space, August 18th, 2011 (this Thursday).