Wallie Cup – Montréal, Canada

On the 27th of October, 2012, the National Wallie Cup took place in Montréal. Originally invented by Pontus Alv, owner of Polar Skateboards in Sweden, Yan Tremblay the head behind Projet45 and as of recently, owner of YTdistribution, threw the same contest this year in Montréal, before hurricanes or earthquakes come to destroy our lovely Canada.

Project 45 (DIY Montreal) – art show benefit

Every year, the Projet45 guys try to find fun ideas to raise money for their DIY project and it’s not really easy to keep people interested. Most of the skateboarders out there are often multi-talented; when they are not on wheels, they are playing music, drawing, painting etc. Then came the idea to use the talent of our great concrete soldiers’ by doing an Art Show in Montreal, which could be an excuse to raise money, and have fun with the bros in the meantime.