Oostende “Velodrome Bowl”, Belgium: Opening day

k in Oostende Belgium is located in the old Velodrome (bike course) next to the harbor, a few kilometers from the ocean. Built by Concrete Dreams. a Belgian skate park company started by Bruno, which is collaborative effort with Mike and other guys from Brusk Collective, locals in whatever city they’re building and assisted at times by Matt Grabowski from Minus Pools. The final product in Oostende came out super insane. The opening party had punk bands, DJs, graffiti “jams”, no real contest just people skateboarding, and a lot of spectators who it seemed were quite impressed with what Concrete Dreams had created for the city and visiting skateboarders. There’s not really much to say except another great skate park in Europe, BUILT BY SKATEBOARDERS.

Pudi’s Pool Coping – “Concrete Dreams”

Pudi lives in Southern Germany and makes pool coping for various concrete park and DIY projects around europe. Recently he got extra creative and made some “mosaique works” as a surprise gift for Bruno who was working on his new Concrete Project: CONCRETE DREAMS and building a new park in Oostende, Beligum.