MOSTY! – Skating bridges in Czech Republic

MOSTY!” (meaning “Bridges” in Czech) is the new video of the crew around Prague’s skateshop called After the “Dry season” project, released in 2019, where you saw ditches and abandoned swimming pools, guys focused on finding and riding any kind of bridge all over the Czech Republic. The result is a twenty-minute-long video and tons of unforgettable memories. We believe that you will be inspired to overcome comfort and seek similarly non-traditional skateboard experiences!


Ministr Záhul. Backside wallride. Photo: Kubo Krizo

Tomáš Krňávek. Backside blunt. Photo: Kubo Krizo

Antonín Záhorka. Drop to grind. Photo: Roman Spacek

Hanetlak. Noseblunt yank in. Photo: Roman Spacek

Stepan Bares. Ollie. Photo: Roman Spacek

@___vf . Crooked revert. Photo: Roman Spacek